Healthy Soup Recipes

Healthy soup recipes are a great way to work within any dietary restrictions you might have, but still enjoy the great taste of soup.

We needed to avoid dairy for our daughter, and I needed to avoid celery. Most canned soups you get have one or the other! Luckily, soup making is something that lends itself well to Lisa's experimental style, so she came up with some home made alternatives.

We're also excited that our daughter, Amelia, is following in her Mom's footsteps with soup making. She made her first soup when she was 9 months old. She dragged a pot out of the cupboard, and had Lisa put various soup makings around it, and she created her own soup including spicing it. Unfortunately, we didn't get the recipe for that one, but as she gets older we'll add some of her creations here.

For now, though, Lisa created her own version of Italian Wedding Soup that is great for anyone with dietary restrictions, and uses healthy organic ingredients.

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