Healthy Smoothie Recipes Without Ice And Syrup

As parents, we know that kids love smoothies. We love healthy smoothie recipes that don't load our child up on syrup.

The typical smoothie you get at a restaurant is basically crushed ice and flavored syrup. The syrup is primarily sugar, which is something we wanted to avoid (see our natural sugar substitutes page for more info).

But while healthy eating is a primary goal, we also don't want to sacrifice Amelia's enjoyment for it. And smoothies are primarily a treat, not a food.

So I'd just about resigned myself to now and then giving her a sugar-filled smoothie, when Lisa went to the kitchen and experimented. I had pictures of a mad scientist in her laboratory, mixing beakers of bubbling fluids.

When she came out she had a smoothie that was all organic, with no added sugar, and delicious! You can see the details on our

banana smoothie page.

Another time, she experimented with making an ice cream smoothie. The results were pretty good, although we've had to make a substitution to avoid dairy. See the ice cream smoothie page for details.

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