Healthy Beef Recipes

We think you can have healthy beef recipes, even with today's concentration on chicken and fish. Beef itself isn't unhealthy, especially if you're eating organic beef.

What's unhealthy is eating a huge amount of beef in your diet. Now and then, there's nothing wrong with it.

Our crockpot beef stew recipe is one that's very easy to put together, and like all crockpot recipes it cooks while you're asleep or at work. The stew tastes wonderful, and you can adjust the amount of beef to your taste.

We also love stir fry, but I'm not crazy about the typical sauces used in stir fry. So I created a healthy beef stir fry that's tender, tasty, but not overpowering. If you like onions, you'll love this one.

I'm a big sloppy joe lover, but lately the usual mixes and BBQ sauces have been triggering my migraines, so Lisa came up with a homemade sloppy joes recipe that is terrific. She listed the agave syrup as optional, but I highly recommend it.

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