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For those interested in more about us, we're currently a family of three.

Jay teaches computer science at a local college, so he's the one who gets to be in charge of the website. He had pretty bad food allergies as a young child, and is still allergic to a few things (one of them being celery, of all things), so has been pretty sensitive about keeping Amelia away from allergens until she's older.

Lisa is a culinary research specialist. That's a fancy way of saying that she never cooks anything the same way twice, and is perfectly comfortable throwing together a brand new recipe from whatever we happen to have in the refrigerator. While she hasn't had the food allergy experiences, she does have wide ranging tastes, loves great food, and anything she cooks turns out wonderful. Jay's a lucky guy!

Amelia hasn't decided what she wants to be yet, but is making good progress to following in her Mom's footsteps. She makes great tasting cookies and apple pie, and helps with just about everything that comes out of the kitchen. She's also the strongest kid we know, and loves to do housework.

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