Healthy Cake Recipes That Won't Make You Feel Guilty

Is the term "healthy cake recipes" an oxymoron?

We don't think so! Sure, the typical cake you make for birthdays or buy from the store is loaded with ingredients that aren't healthy for you. But we've come up with some healthy cakes that are tasty, and easy to make.

Our applesauce cake recipe is the easiest of the bunch. You don't even need a separate mixing bowl, everything is mixed right in the baking pan. Less to clean up! And it's a fan-favorite with our daughter, Amelia. This is the cake she wants for birthdays.

Our healthy carrot cake recipe is also very easy and tastes just as good. Great for those times when you feel like you need some beta-carotene, but just don't feel like you want to chomp on carrots. You'll barely notice them in this cake.

Now and then we feel like a fluffier sort of cake, more like the yellow cake that we enjoyed as kids. So Lisa came up with an orange blueberry cake recipe that is lighter than the others, tastes great, but is still healthy for you.

Scones aren't exactly cakes, but they fit here better than in any of our other categories. We love scones, but needed to avoid the dairy in most recipes, so we have our own dairy free scones recipe for you to enjoy.

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