Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, but isn't the complete picture. While this site is primarily about healthy recipes, we wanted to include some of our best tips for living healthy outside the kitchen.

Get Plenty Of Physical Activity

Cooking right and eating healthy should be combined with plenty of physical activity. Walking is a great way to get out and enjoy the world around you and make new friends. It's also one of the best all around exercises there is. Plus, it gets you out of your house and away from your TV and computer.

We try to work regular family walks into our week whenever we can. Amelia loves to walk outside and explore whatever is on the ground...a quick walk around the neighborhood usually takes an hour with her!

Drink Plenty of Pure Water

Drinking water is critical to a healthy lifestyle. While the human body is amazing in its ability to survive chronic abuse, such as the state of near dehydration that many people are in due to not drinking enough water, our bodies work best when fully hydrated.

Caffeinated drinks are not an acceptable substitute! Caffeine is a diuretic, and causes your body to lose fluid.

The typical recommendation is a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. I've also seen one ounce for every two pounds of body weight as a figure. We shoot for 64 ounces minimum, and try to get more than that if possible.

The quality of water is important, as most municipal water is full of chlorine and other chemicals that do your body no good. Filtering your water effectively is a great way to ensure you have a supply of pure water.

Spend Time On What Gives You Joy

Years ago, we found we were spending an awful lot of time on things that just didn't give us much joy. We ate out a lot even though we liked our own cooking better, we bought things even though we didn't really need them, etc.

Over time we managed to focus on those things that give us joy, and have been healthier as a result.

Get Your Ego Out Of The Way

Over the years we've caused most of our own problems by letting our ego get in the way. That's the part of us that says things like, "People shouldn't treat me this way", or "I don't have to put up with this". The statements were always true, but by letting our egos get into the act, we put up barriers to resolving whatever situation had come up.

Getting your ego out of the way lets you resolve situations without the emotional backlash, and that keeps you healthier!

More Tips

I could fill an entire site with our philosophy of healthy living, but recently found a site that says almost exactly what we believe. This site has plenty of healthy tips you should read.

Other Sites

I ran across a site that's primarily full of easy weight loss tips , but there's a lot of information about Yoga, about the importance of physical activity, the importance of good sleep, etc. Well worth reading through if you're trying to have a more healthy lifestyle.

And here's a site about using Chinese natural food as a way of improving your health and managing illness. We eat a lot of Chinese recipes ourselves, and have a list of them to enter into our web site. Until we get them in, though, this other site is a great resource.

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