How to use natural organic food to make healthy recipes even healthier.

Why use a healthy recipe but use conventional ingredients? Use natural organic food to make every recipe healthier.

When we started out trying to change our diet, we came up pretty quickly with a general philosophy of healthy eating. Use the sorts of ingredients that human bodies are designed to eat...those that are natural and without artificial additions of any kind.

This left out most of the so called "healthy" ingredients used today, such as various butter substitutes and sugar substitutes. We didn't want to be part of an ongoing experiment to see which of those really were healthy and which would cause health problems down the road.

We also had the issue that, while Lisa was pregnant, we needed to avoid milk, eggs, and other allergens. We discovered that many recipes that call for eggs can either be used successfully without eggs, or can use egg substitutes that are simple and healthy.

Avoiding refined white sugar was a big issue for us, with a baby quickly growing up into a toddler. We came up with various natural sugar substitutes that could replace the use of refined white sugar in recipes.

Avoiding refined white flour was another biggie for us, so we came up with various flour substitutes to use in place of white flour. Not everything works well with these substitutes, but many recipes do.

The ideal situation is one where you're growing your own fresh organic food, so you're not only eating organic but as local as possible. You don't need a lot of space to get started with this, and we love the whole process of growth and harvesting. If you're interested in getting started, this great site on organic gardening has tons of information to help. Even if you just start with a single tomato plant, it's well worth it.

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