Easy Recipes Can Be Healthy, Too!

Easy recipes are an absolute must with children in the house. Before our daughter was born, we had a bit more time for healthy recipes. Afterward...well, every parent out there knows what your free time is like as a baby grows into a toddler and beyond.

So we've come up with recipes that are also healthy, and fit into our general philosophy of using as natural and organic of ingredients as possible.

The easiest of our recipes are probably the banana smoothie and ice cream smoothie recipes. You need only a blender and a couple of minutes to enjoy a healthy snack.

We also have a variety of healthy muffin recipes that are quite easy to make. All the ingredients are mixed in a single bowl, and they take 30 minutes or less to bake.

Our healthy eggplant ratatouille recipe isn't the absolute easiest recipe we make, but it isn't bad at all. You dice a bunch of veggies, throw them into a pan with diced tomatoes, and cook for half an hour.

It's hard to get any easier than crockpot cooking. Our Winter Squash Crockpot Brunswick Stew recipe is very simple to put together, and goes great over a bed of rice.

Check back on this page often, as we'll add links to the easiest of our recipes as we add them to the site. Or use the Site News link along the left to get updates delivered to your email or your RSS reader.

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