Healthy Chicken Recipes

When we first started changing our diet, healthy chicken recipes were a main focus.

We knew that we wanted to eat healthier, and at the time that meant avoiding red meat and eating more chicken. Since then we've realized that some red meat is just as healthy as chicken, but chicken still is an important part of our diet today.

One of Jay's few recipe creations is his chicken vegetable mix recipe. He surprised himself one day when Lisa was gone by going into the kitchen and experimenting, much like Lisa does, and ending up with something that was not only edible, but tasty! The mix travels well, too.

Lisa has a healthy chicken pot pie that's delicious. It's perfect for those times when you want a mix of chicken and veggies in a healthy combination. It does require a bit more work than most of our recipes, but is well worth it. As a bonus, it's dairy free!

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