Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Delight Your Taste!

We experimented with a number of healthy vegetarian recipes when we first started changing our diet to eat healthier. We do still eat meat as part of our diet, but not at every meal, or even every day.

Our vegetable lasagna was our original try at a lasagna recipe that tasted great and used plenty of veggies. Typical vegetarian lasagna recipes used far too few veggies for our tastes. Our vegan lasagna and tofu lasagna were other versions of that recipe that we tried over time.

We also have a delicious healthy eggplant ratatouille recipe that goes great with rice, bread, spaghetti, or alone.

Another recipe that goes great with rice is Lisa's Winter Squash Crockpot Brunswick Stew recipe. I wasn't too sure about this one while she was making it, but I have to admit the result was terrific.

Those of you who want more spice in your rice should try our curry rice & veggies recipe. I'm not a big fan of curry, but Lisa and Amelia both love this one.

As more and more of our recipes make it onto the web site, I'll keep this page updated so it always lists the ones that are vegetarian and vegan.

And if you love rhubarb, be sure to check out a great site I found that has healthy recipes with rhubarb . We'll add a few rhubarb recipes ourselves here in time, but this site has everything you ever wanted to know about growing and using rhubarbs.

Oh, and if you're thinking about switching to an entirely vegetarian diet, there is quite a bit of evidence that it's much healthier for you than a diet that includes meat. I found a few of the stats on a site about Taekwondo. Apparently, a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is prominent in this popular martial art.

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