Chicken Vegetable Mix

Ingredients for Chicken Vegetable Mix

2 organic boneless chicken breasts
3 or 4 10 oz packages of frozen mixed vegetables
fresh vegetables, as desired
butter or olive oil
BBQ sauce
ground basil

An oven preheated to 350°
a 9x13 glass baking dish
a large pan
a large mixing bowl


The boneless chicken breasts go flat into a rectangular glass dish along with a bit of butter, if you're using dairy, or a little olive oil if you're not. The butter and olive oil are used on top of the chicken breasts to coat them.

Bake for 30 to 45 minutes, covered, depending on how your oven temperature goes. The goal is for the juices to run clear, and for no pink to be showing if you cut one of the breasts in half.

The frozen vegetables go into a large pan along with some water. The goal is to steam the vegetables, not boil them, so just put in enough water so you can barely see it through the vegetables.

If you mix in fresh vegetables, leave out one of the frozen packages (or more, if you use more fresh vegetables). Cut the fresh vegetables into small chunks, like you'd find in the frozen packages. We love to load this with extra carrots, so we usually use 3 packages of frozen vegetables and then cut up two or three large carrots.

Add basil on top of the vegetables in the pan after you've poured the water in. Basil goes especially well with the fresh carrots, so we tend to use a lot.

Steam the vegetables, covered, until the chicken is done. Check now and then to be sure they haven't gone dry, and add more water if needed. Generally the vegetables produce their own liquid, so don't go dry, especially when covered.

Drain the vegetables and the chicken, and set both aside to cool for ten minutes.

For the next part, have a large mixing bowl ready, along with your BBQ sauce.

Cut the chicken into small cubes (an inch or so is good, but adjust for your own tastes).

Mix some of the chicken cubes with some of the vegetables in your mixing bowl. Pour in some of the BBQ sauce, and mix the result together. Mix in some more of the chicken and vegetables, and some more BBQ sauce, and repeat until all the chicken and vegetables are mixed in.

The first time you make it, stay relatively light on the BBQ sauce (say, 1/2 cup total), and increase it the next time if you think the result is too bland. The goal is for the BBQ sauce to flavor the chicken vegetable mix, not for the mix to be swimming in BBQ sauce.

What results is a very tasty chicken vegetable mix that travels well to potlucks, and keeps well in a sealed container for a day in a cool environment. We've also taken it on day trips, in a cooler with ice in the trunk. The best part about this mix is that it tastes better after sitting for a while, and tastes great hot, cold, or lukewarm.

The perfect traveling dish!

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